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OPO has new designated head

OPO has new designated head

by Me-an Villas -
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Mr. Jesus Freddy M. Baldos, former OPO Head, turning-over the documents to the newly designated head, Dr. Deejay M. Lumanao.

Dr. Deejay M. Lumanao, Assistant Professor of the Department of Soil Science, has been designated as new head of the Online Programs Office (OPO) vice Mr. Jesus Freddy M. Baldos effective March 1, 2021.  Her designation was signed by VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin on February 22, 2021 and released in the afternoon of March 1, 2021.

Immediately, Mr. Baldos prepared the documents including his accomplishments during his term and ready for the formal turn-over on March 2, 2021.  But since Dr. Lumanao was still on Maternity Leave until March 15, the turn-over ceremony has been delayed for a few days.  

The former head happily turned-over the documents and other responsibilities attached to the position to the new OPO Head in the afternoon of March 18, 2021.

In his message, Mr. Baldos emphasized the tremendous increase of enrolment of VSU’s distance education program from 32 in the 2nd Semester of SY 2019-2020 (January-May 2020) to 65 in the 1st semester of SY 2020-2021 (August to December 2020) during his stewardship.  He also revealed that despite OPO’s existence for more than four decades, he observed that the office does not have its own tables, chairs, and cabinets.  “By God’s grace, we have now these two tables, two cabinets, and one computer table that we can call our own,” he said.  Moreover, the request for fabrication of additional office tables and cabinets with the corresponding estimated cost of materials has already been submitted to the Physical Plant Office.  

He further said that an air conditioning unit will soon be delivered to the office after it went through the bidding process.  “I hope that you can facilitate in requesting another aircon unit and an executive table and chair which you can use in our office,” Mr. Baldos mused.

Likewise, the following documents were turned-over to the new head:  the 2020 OPCR/IPCR Accomplishments with attachments (January to June, and July to December) and the 2021 OPCR/IPCR Targets; the proceedings of the OPO Strategic Planning Workshop that was conducted on June 29-30, 2019 handed-over by the previous head; the CMO 27, s. 2005 “Policies and Guidelines on Distance Education” and CMO 15, s. 2019 “Graduate Distance Education”; OPO Budget for 2021; the 2021 OPO Privacy Impact Assessment; documents reflecting the NCs and OFIs findings during the in-house ISO audit; request for the filling-up of the vacant position for Education Research Assistant and for the Utility Worker; compilation of OPO personnel curriculum vitae, personal data sheet, and position description form; 1st Semester SY 2020-2021 Supervisory Plan and Accomplishments; the Online Programs Office Citizen’s Charter, Organizational Structure, and Functional Chart ready for framing by the PPO carpenters.

In addition, the former head also turned-over the list of the identified departments/colleges which are qualified to offer distance education programs with Level III accreditations by the AACCUP and other accrediting bodies, as well as those with CHED’s center of excellence and center of development status.  The new head was also briefed on the on-going renovation of OPO prior to its occupancy.

Mr. Baldos also said that they already conducted brainstorming activity among OPO staff on how to discourage distance education students from dropping of the subject enrolled.  “We identified that consultation (through virtual and other online platform) with the DE faculty and the student should be explored for the students to be guided and be able to air their problems and issues pertaining to their studies.

Dr. Lumanao, on the other hand, accepted the challenge and requested for the full support and cooperation among the staff to do the same favor they afforded to the former head.  She also expressed to have a good relationship with the staff and work hand-in-hand to ensure that the distance education program of the university is vibrant and very dynamic in serving the off-campus students and other stakeholders.